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  • Do you want to feel more confident in the way you dress?
  • Has your weight changed & your clothes no longer fit?
  • Are you pregnant and not sure how to dress this amazing new bump of yours?

There are many reasons women struggle to dress themselves, but I’m here to help. I offer a range of virtual and in-person services for you busy ladies, from a quick wardrobe declutter to a full day of personal shopping.

Let me help you to look & feel fab, after all, we aren’t apples and pears- we’re individuals!

I have a degree in Fashion Styling, but most importantly I have experience styling celebrities, high end fashion editorials and even my friends! Who doesn’t want to feel like a celeb every now & then?!

Prices start from just £25 and include a free consultation beforehand.

Email me on or join the Facebook Group for more info.