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My Top 3 Tips on Dressing for the Party Season
My Top 3 Tips on Dressing for the Party Season

My Top 3 Tips on Dressing for the Party Season

As if it’s the 1st of December today!? I know we say it every year, but seriously- where has the year gone?

Anyway, as tonight is my first Christmas Party of the year, I have put together a little guide on what my top 3 trends are for this years party season. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you’re planning on wearing for your parties! Just comment below 🙂


Metallic Dresses: My favourite trend for this season in particular has to be metallic dresses. The more glitz and sparkle- the better. It doesn’t have to be a certain colour but I think a soft gold works well, and so does red! Don’t go too over the top with your jewellery though, otherwise it could be a bit much. I’m actually sticking with this trend this evening and wearing my own soft gold shimmery dress.

Suits: Suits are so in at the minute, and I think this time of year is the perfect chance to try them out if you aren’t used to wearing them. Don’t think of every-day office suits though, think eye-catching power suits that can really make you stand out from the crowd at your works do. I know a good suit can be quite costly, but trust me when I say you can pick one up from a charity shop if you’re willing to search (mine cost me £2)!

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Leathers: leather is the perfect material for the cold weather we are about to be faced with, so go out and get yourself a mid-length leather or faux leather skirt and pair it with a simple T-shirt for a more relaxed occasion this Christmas.

I have a little video that I done where you can see this in more detail, just click here.

Enjoy your parties and do let me know if this was useful!

Katie x


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