It’s all in the bag…

What bags will be worn by the Royal Family at the wedding of the year next month?

With it being exactly one month today until Prince Harry marries American beauty Meghan Markle, I wanted to do a post on the bags that are likely to make an appearance based on what’s hot right now, and what some of the Royal’s are often seen sporting.

Going off what’s ‘in’ for Spring:

– Satchels are back on trend as a popular shape for bags

– In terms of colour, tan is supposed to be huge for bags and shoes this season

– Branded logos will likely be seen printed onto the fabric- (see the Louis Vuitton bag below)!

Image source: Louis Vuitton US


Going off what they’re usually spotted wearing:

– Her Majesty the Queen will no doubt wear her go-to classic brand, Launer (see image below)

– Kate Middleton usually opts for a sophisticated clutch bag, and is a fan of LK Bennett

– Princess Beatrice also favours a clutch bag, but hers are a bit more jazzy than the ones Kate wears!

Image source: Hello Fashion

It will be interesting to see what bags do actually appear on the guests next month, so I’ll try and remember to do a post after the wedding to talk about it.

As for the bride herself, I think Meghan is going to be wearing two dresses for the big day. One traditional dress for the ceremony, and a glam number for the evening celebrations. I must admit, I think I’d opt for two different dresses for the day as well, it must be so hard wearing a wedding dress all day and all night. How are you supposed to dance in it?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the bags you think they’ll be wearing, just leave a comment below.

Katie x

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