How to dress from DAY to NIGHT
How to dress from DAY to NIGHT

How to dress from DAY to NIGHT

I’m going to show you how to style yourself from day to night using the same bag (one of our Hollycroft Clutches).

From day…

Firstly, for a comfortable and casual look during the day you can pull this off by running your fingers through your hair- leaving it lovely and natural but not too much of a mess. I never worry about styling mine with heat during the day, partly because it takes too long and partly because it damages the ends of my hair. Anyway, next you’ll need to attach the strap to your clutch bag and wear it over the shoulder of a slouchy top. Maria is pictured wearing a slouchy checked shirt, but a t-shirt is cool too. Pair the top with your go-to pair of jeans and ankle boots, and away you go!

To night…

OK, so first things first- remove the bag’s strap and just carry it in your hands for the evening. Next, apply a little lippy to make those lips of yours pop and be sure to pack the lippy in your bag in case you need to re-apply later. Finally, wear something that shows off your best features (Maria here for example is displaying her pins), put on a pair of heels if they’re comfortable enough for you, if not a pair of flat thigh high boots is a great alternative. And one more thing- have a fab night!

Katie x

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