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FAQ’s – questions you’ve been dying to ask!

  1. Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we do! And if you spend over £50 ($65) it is totally free no matter what country you are based in. Yipee!


2. What is a vegan bag?

The fact that our bags are vegan means that they are simply not made using any animal materials. The leather we use is a high quality faux alternative.


3. Why are your bags a premium price? 

I design all of the bags myself, and then I have them made in a factory overseas. This means that I have to take my own time into consideration, as well as the factory workers time and cost of materials. Not only this, but it is super important to me that the bags are not mass produced in poor conditions, hence the slightly higher price point compared to budget stores.


4. Do you do any other sizes or colours in the rucksacks or holdall?

At this moment in time, I only have what is available on the website. I do have designs ready for other colours and sizes, but there is a huge cost involved when launching a new product. Keep your eyes peeled!


5. Do you sell the bags anywhere else?

I sell my bags in a lovely shop in Scotland, called Uptown Girl. I also stock them online through The Bias Cut. I would certainly love to have a few more stockists for my bags, and have my sights set on taking them internationally.


Anything else you’d love to ask me? Please do get in touch here, as I love to hear from you!

Katie x

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