Do you have your date night outfit sorted?
Do you have your date night outfit sorted?

Do you have your date night outfit sorted?

Whatever you’re doing this Valentines, here are three outfit options I have put together for some inspiration to have you looking & feeling fab on any occasion next Wednesday!


  1. Date night with your lover

OK, so for Valentines day there is only one rule that applies to those going out on a date (in my opinion). WEAR RED! Red symbolises love and lust, so make it count for this one particular day of the year. It is also a great colour for those with dark hair and warm skin tones, so bear that in mind for the future. I’ve paired this red playsuit with none other than my white Hollycroft Trunk bag and the most comfortable block heeled shoes from Zara.


2. Movie night with the girls

Hanging out with the girls on the 14th? Fab! Think casual, but confident. I’ve chosen this amazing pair of culottes from Zara, oversized jumper from H&M and strappy heels from New Look. You want to look great but it’s also important to keep warm out there, well- if you live in the UK like I do anyway. Swap the shoes for a basic white trainer if you aren’t feeling heels.


3. Night in with your pet (hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that)!

Just be comfy, and happy! A simple slogan t-shirt like my fave queen bee one, leggings (mine are flared and from H&M) and of course you have to wear your snugly slippers for a night in! Oh, and don’t forget to order a take away and stock up on chocolate!


Let me know what you’re up to for Valentines in the comments. I’ll be going to a cosy local restaurant with my partner and ordering a roast dinner, can’t wait!

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