Colour Combos To Try This Year

When it comes to designing a fashion collection, whether it be dresses or bags, colour is a super important factor in the process. It’s not just thinking about the colour of the product itself, but it’s also useful to think about other colours that will go well with the product, and colours that won’t go so well.

With my Pink Romola Rucksack being the bestseller at the minute, it got me thinking about colour combinations. Obviously this means that people are loving the pale pink and grey combo, so I want to share with you some other great combos that are worth giving a go this year to spruce up your style.

Khaki & Tan 

Image: Youngjun Koo

So, even though this is kind of a classic colour combo, you don’t actually see it very often. I love the colour khaki, and it always looks so good paired with white, but I can’t say I’ve ever worn it with anything brown. I’ll be giving this one a go myself and hope to see more of it!


Red & Pink (did I actually just type that)?! 

Image: Getty

OK, OK, just bear with me on this. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably cringing right now. I don’t have many rules when it comes to fashion and style, but wearing pink and red together has honestly always been a true crime in my eyes. Until now. I’m actually loving this combo! Anyone else?

Metallic Silver & Orange 

Image: Emily Malan

How great is this one? I’m obsessed with metallics! They’re usually seen as a winter trend, but I’m feeling it for Spring as well (especially with the showers here in the UK at the minute). Who’s brave enough to rock this silver and orange trend?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments please.

Much love,

Katie x


  1. Momo c. says:

    I’m not A metallics person, so i’ll take the ponk and red! It works beautifully in that outfit because the red is Little and subtle. 💕

    Momo C. |

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