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Celebrating International Women’s Day

I know a lot of people are thinking “why on earth do we need a particular day to celebrate women, we should be celebrated every day”. Yes, I get it, of course we should. But, I think it’s important to come together and raise our voices over the current issues we still face, as well as the achievements we have made.

Today, I’m attending a women’s business conference in Norwich, Norfolk to celebrate International Women’s Day. This is another good thing about this national day- we get to attend events and network with new people, which is usually difficult when you work by yourself like I do.

Our Mums

Firstly, I want to celebrate our mum’s. Without them we wouldn’t be here for a start. I know that unfortunately all mum’s aren’t supportive, kind and loving, but I want to celebrate the majority that are. My mum has always inspired me to work hard and push myself, so I thank her for that.

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Secondly, to all the incredible female CEO’s who have worked their butt’s off to run successful companies and take on teams of staff, paying their wages. But also, to the staff members themselves who work hard day-in and day-out for someone else’s success. I applaud you. One of my favourite CEO’s is Caprice Bouret, who I met last year at a business show.

The Queen

Obviously, here in England our country is run by The Queen, and what an amazing woman she is! At almost 92 years of age, she is the longest lived and longest reigning monarch. Even though she is more restricted now with travelling, she does still make public appearances and attends lots of events (including London Fashion week which I wrote about here).

Our Idols

Lastly, I just wanted to highlight our ultimate woman idols. You should probably know by now that mine is Beyonce. I won’t go on too much, but I’m obsessed with her and her attitude to work and business. Tell me who your favourite woman idols are in the comments, I’d love to know!

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