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Gift Guide: What to buy the men in your life

It’s the 25th of October. Which means we’re only two months away until Christmas. Crazy! I honestly do not know how the years go by so quickly.

Anyhow, I have decided to put together a little helpful gift guide for you women on what to buy the men in your life for Christmas this year (or birthday if they happen to have one coming up).

It’s super important for me to support other small businesses, so all of the following have been picked from a wide selection of fellow small businesses. Let me know in the comments if you decide to purchase anything or if you have any other great suggestions!


Books + Beer

Something totally unique is this subscription service which includes a book of choice and a couple of craft beers. The best part is that you don’t have to have them every month if you don’t want to, you can select just a one-off box or choose how many months to subscribe. They also add a recipe card to each box too!

£10 + postage.


For Granddad

Extra Special Touch have this lovely personalised handkerchief with embroidered text for Granddad’s. Made from high quality, luxury cotton and comes in a beautiful white gift box for that added wow factor. *They also offer these for Mum’s, Dad’s and Nan’s.

£15 + postage

Little Things for Dad

How cute is this children’s cushion cover from Little Things by Lucy? It can be purchased on it’s own or with the cushion included and can even be personalised with your child’s own handwriting or drawing! Made from fair trade cotton and metallic vinyl.

£24.99 + postage

Fingerprint Love 

I think this Hold Upon Heart item is the perfect present for your husband / boyfriend. A leather bracelet with a silver bead that has your own fingerprint on it. So clever! You can even add your initial onto it and additional beads for your kids or pets. I’m adding this to my shopping list  🙂

£85 with free postage


So as much as I would love to carry on and do some shopping & supporting, I’m going to leave it at that for now, but if you found this useful and would like me to continue it let me know in the comments.

Katie x

Highlight & Struggle of the Week

This is the first week of doing this, and I’m hoping to carry on doing it at the end of most weeks. I think it is important to document these things when running your own startup business, and if it can help others when working on theirs then that’s a bonus. So, here is this week’s highlight and struggle:

H- seeing my first advertisement in a magazine (obviously this was paid for by myself, but it’s still a nice feeling when you see your brand in a publication that goes out to retailers)

S- getting people onto this website, which is proving to be very difficult and I need to work on my SEO skills 😉


Katie x