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How to dress from DAY to NIGHT

How to dress from DAY to NIGHT

I’m going to show you how to style yourself from day to night using the same bag (one of our Hollycroft Clutches).

From day…

Firstly, for a comfortable and casual look during the day you can pull this off by running your fingers through your hair- leaving it lovely and natural but not too much of a mess. I never worry about styling mine with heat during the day, partly because it takes too long and partly because it damages the ends of my hair. Anyway, next you’ll need to attach the strap to your clutch bag and wear it over the shoulder of a slouchy top. Maria is pictured wearing a slouchy checked shirt, but a t-shirt is cool too. Pair the top with your go-to pair of jeans and ankle boots, and away you go!

To night…

OK, so first things first- remove the bag’s strap and just carry it in your hands for the evening. Next, apply a little lippy to make those lips of yours pop and be sure to pack the lippy in your bag in case you need to re-apply later. Finally, wear something that shows off your best features (Maria here for example is displaying her pins), put on a pair of heels if they’re comfortable enough for you, if not a pair of flat thigh high boots is a great alternative. And one more thing- have a fab night!

Katie x

My Top 3 Tips on Dressing for the Party Season

My Top 3 Tips on Dressing for the Party Season

As if it’s the 1st of December today!? I know we say it every year, but seriously- where has the year gone?

Anyway, as tonight is my first Christmas Party of the year, I have put together a little guide on what my top 3 trends are for this years party season. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you’re planning on wearing for your parties! Just comment below 🙂


Metallic Dresses: My favourite trend for this season in particular has to be metallic dresses. The more glitz and sparkle- the better. It doesn’t have to be a certain colour but I think a soft gold works well, and so does red! Don’t go too over the top with your jewellery though, otherwise it could be a bit much. I’m actually sticking with this trend this evening and wearing my own soft gold shimmery dress.

Suits: Suits are so in at the minute, and I think this time of year is the perfect chance to try them out if you aren’t used to wearing them. Don’t think of every-day office suits though, think eye-catching power suits that can really make you stand out from the crowd at your works do. I know a good suit can be quite costly, but trust me when I say you can pick one up from a charity shop if you’re willing to search (mine cost me £2)!

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Leathers: leather is the perfect material for the cold weather we are about to be faced with, so go out and get yourself a mid-length leather or faux leather skirt and pair it with a simple T-shirt for a more relaxed occasion this Christmas.

I have a little video that I done where you can see this in more detail, just click here.

Enjoy your parties and do let me know if this was useful!

Katie x

Beautiful Brands #3

Beautiful Brands #3


There are so many fabulous brands and designers out there at the minute which makes this task of picking my faves very difficult. However, number 3 is going to have to go to Gucci. I’ve just got back from a trip to the South of France and while I was in Monaco I just had to stop at the Gucci shop to lust over their window display.

Now I know that every single one of you will have heard of this one and I’m sure you’ll totally agree with me that it really is a fabulous brand. Gucci is an Italian brand that was set up in the 1920’s (what an amazing era for fashion) and is now run by Alessandro Michele who to be honest with you I haven’t really heard much about. Anyway, he’s a super talented man and very deserving of the company’s success over the past few years!

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Beautiful Brands #1

Beautiful Brands #1

I’m going to start blogging about some of my fave brands and designers, because let’s be honest- who doesn’t love to look at images of beautiful clothes and accessories?!

First up is RODARTE, who is a luxury American brand founded by Girl Bosses Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

I’m usually not into girly things.. flowers, ballet, jewels, etc. and with these things pretty much summing Rodarte up it’s quite surprising that I am a such a huge fan, but I am truly mesmerised by the works of art that are created season after season by the designers.

The clothing is so dreamy and delicate it’s like waking up in heaven! And the things I would do to have one of their dresses hanging up in my wardrobe is just beyond me… maybe one day!

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K x