Colour Combos To Try This Year

When it comes to designing a fashion collection, whether it be dresses or bags, colour is a super important factor in the process. It’s not just thinking about the colour of the product itself, but it’s also useful to think about other colours that will go well with the product, and colours that won’t go so well.

With my Pink Romola Rucksack being the bestseller at the minute, it got me thinking about colour combinations. Obviously this means that people are loving the pale pink and grey combo, so I want to share with you some other great combos that are worth giving a go this year to spruce up your style.

Khaki & Tan 

Image: Youngjun Koo

So, even though this is kind of a classic colour combo, you don’t actually see it very often. I love the colour khaki, and it always looks so good paired with white, but I can’t say I’ve ever worn it with anything brown. I’ll be giving this one a go myself and hope to see more of it!


Red & Pink (did I actually just type that)?! 

Image: Getty

OK, OK, just bear with me on this. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably cringing right now. I don’t have many rules when it comes to fashion and style, but wearing pink and red together has honestly always been a true crime in my eyes. Until now. I’m actually loving this combo! Anyone else?

Metallic Silver & Orange 

Image: Emily Malan

How great is this one? I’m obsessed with metallics! They’re usually seen as a winter trend, but I’m feeling it for Spring as well (especially with the showers here in the UK at the minute). Who’s brave enough to rock this silver and orange trend?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments please.

Much love,

Katie x

PETA Vegan Approved Logo

PETA Approved Bags

As you probably already know, our products are made without using animal materials. So we use a leather alternative called Polyurethane (PU) leather and we also use polyester twill in our rucksacks. Both of these materials do not come from animals. It was important to me from the start of my business journey to ensure that our products would be cruelty-free, because I don’t agree with killing animals just for the sake of fashion.

PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) is the largest animal rights organisation in the World, and they have just approved Katherena for being a cruelty-free brand, so I now have the rights to use their logo in any way I wish to promote that my bags are vegan. Proud moment for me and the brand!

PETA Vegan Approved Logo
Looking ahead

Even though I have managed to create a line of products that are cruelty-free, I still have a few obstacles to overcome in order to be a more sustainable and ethical brand. I am currently working on alternative packaging for my bags instead of using plastic, as this will make a huge difference to the environment, and I really want to help in any way that I can. I will also be looking into using recyclable materials for my next range of bags too, so keep your eyes peeled!


Katie x

Katherena designer vegan bags

Celebrating International Women’s Day

I know a lot of people are thinking “why on earth do we need a particular day to celebrate women, we should be celebrated every day”. Yes, I get it, of course we should. But, I think it’s important to come together and raise our voices over the current issues we still face, as well as the achievements we have made.

Today, I’m attending a women’s business conference in Norwich, Norfolk to celebrate International Women’s Day. This is another good thing about this national day- we get to attend events and network with new people, which is usually difficult when you work by yourself like I do.

Our Mums

Firstly, I want to celebrate our mum’s. Without them we wouldn’t be here for a start. I know that unfortunately all mum’s aren’t supportive, kind and loving, but I want to celebrate the majority that are. My mum has always inspired me to work hard and push myself, so I thank her for that.

Katherena designer vegan bags


Secondly, to all the incredible female CEO’s who have worked their butt’s off to run successful companies and take on teams of staff, paying their wages. But also, to the staff members themselves who work hard day-in and day-out for someone else’s success. I applaud you. One of my favourite CEO’s is Caprice Bouret, who I met last year at a business show.

The Queen

Obviously, here in England our country is run by The Queen, and what an amazing woman she is! At almost 92 years of age, she is the longest lived and longest reigning monarch. Even though she is more restricted now with travelling, she does still make public appearances and attends lots of events (including London Fashion week which I wrote about here).

Our Idols

Lastly, I just wanted to highlight our ultimate woman idols. You should probably know by now that mine is Beyonce. I won’t go on too much, but I’m obsessed with her and her attitude to work and business. Tell me who your favourite woman idols are in the comments, I’d love to know!

Milan Fashion Week: Best Bits

Milan Fashion Week: Best Bits

So, this is my final post for Fashion Weeks, and this week it’s been Milan’s turn to host the collections. Again, I’m sharing my top three bits from it. Please do let me know your thoughts or if you have any of your own favourite bits to share then let me know in the comments below.

  1. Replacing models with drones

At the Dolce & Gabbana show, they made a massive impact by replacing models with flying drones to display their latest handbags. I can imagine the audience were pretty amazed! I’ll be surprised if we don’t see this more often now in fashion shows. Oh and obviously the bags were beyond beautiful as always!

Image taken by Tony Gentile


2. Philosophy’s luxe femininity

I’m not usually one for overly feminine outfits, but seriously after putting together these last few blog posts on New York, London and Milan fashion weeks, I’m thinking I might have to add a touch of lace and pink to my wardrobe! Philosophy was another collection that screamed ‘pretty’ and ‘girly’. And I simply love it!

Image taken by Getty Images


3. Gigi Hadid & the bulldog puppy

OK, so not only am I a massive fan of the Hadid sisters (Gigi and Bella are in the World’s top ranked models right now- for those wondering who I’m on about), but to make things even better Gigi was carrying a super cute bulldog puppy down the Tod’s runway. The outfit she was wearing was a massive seller too because the shearling jacket looked so cosy and warm! Just what we need here in the UK this week.

Image taken by Getty Images
London Fashion Week: Best Bits

London Fashion Week: Best Bits

Last week I posted about my favourite collections at New York Fashion Week (you can check it out here), so this week it’s London’s time. London Fashion Week took place from last Friday until this Tuesday and it was absolutely fab! Here are my top three highlights from the shows:

  1. The Queen’s Front Row Appearance

This was my absolute fave moment from this season’s London Fashion Week. How surprised was everyone to see Queen Elizabeth II turn up and sit front row at Richard Quinn’s show? I know I was! She was sat next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour and had her own cushion to sit on, how cute?! And of course, she looked super stylish wearing a pale blue skirt suit with black gloves and a black handbag.

Picture courtesy of The Evening Standard


   2. Isa Arfen, Check Mate!

I loved this casual, but well-presented collection featuring an array of check patterns, including the lining on jean turn-ups. There were a few oversized berets worn by the models too which were pretty cool!

Picture courtesy of Vogue


   3. Emilia Wickstead, Classic

Inspired by the 70’s and 80’s it’s no wonder I’m in love with every outfit in this collection! Emilia Wickstead presented an incredibly smart and pristine collection here, with jumpsuits, high-waisted trousers and long coats taking center stage.

Picture courtesy of Vogue


Next week I’ll be posting about Milan Fashion Week, which is taking place right now. Let me know what you think so far of the Autumn/Winter 2018 collections by posting a comment below.

Katie x

New York Fashion Week: Best Bits

New York Fashion Week: Best Bits

Being in the fashion industry, fashion week is an extremely busy, exciting and important time of the year. It comes around twice a year for the women’s collections: February for the Autumn / Winter collections and September for the Spring / Summer collections. Men’s fashion weeks usually take place in January and again in June, but aren’t as much of a big deal as the women’s shows.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with fashion weeks, they are influential industry events that take place in the four major fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Paris and Milan. Other cities around the world do host fashion weeks as well, but they aren’t as publicised.

Anyway, enough of the facts, I’m here to show you my favourite bits so far from New York Fashion Week which is currently taking place as I type this.

  1. Zimmerman: Victorian Beauty


I love everything about this collection! How beautiful are those materials? And the colour palette is just perfect! I’m going to be on the hunt for a high street version of these looks later on in the year.

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim: Feminine & Layered 


Even though I can’t see myself wearing these overly feminine pieces, I really love what the designer has done here with the use of fabrics and layering. It’s very bohemian.

3. Derek Lam: 


Out of all the shows I’ve seen so far this is definitely my fave. I wouldn’t usually go to Derek Lam for style inspiration, but this collection is so me! I love the formal but comfy feel to it and the graphic lines throughout.


Let me know what you think to the collections in the comments below.

Katie x

Do you have your date night outfit sorted?

Do you have your date night outfit sorted?

Whatever you’re doing this Valentines, here are three outfit options I have put together for some inspiration to have you looking & feeling fab on any occasion next Wednesday!


  1. Date night with your lover

OK, so for Valentines day there is only one rule that applies to those going out on a date (in my opinion). WEAR RED! Red symbolises love and lust, so make it count for this one particular day of the year. It is also a great colour for those with dark hair and warm skin tones, so bear that in mind for the future. I’ve paired this red playsuit with none other than my white Hollycroft Trunk bag and the most comfortable block heeled shoes from Zara.


2. Movie night with the girls

Hanging out with the girls on the 14th? Fab! Think casual, but confident. I’ve chosen this amazing pair of culottes from Zara, oversized jumper from H&M and strappy heels from New Look. You want to look great but it’s also important to keep warm out there, well- if you live in the UK like I do anyway. Swap the shoes for a basic white trainer if you aren’t feeling heels.


3. Night in with your pet (hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that)!

Just be comfy, and happy! A simple slogan t-shirt like my fave queen bee one, leggings (mine are flared and from H&M) and of course you have to wear your snugly slippers for a night in! Oh, and don’t forget to order a take away and stock up on chocolate!


Let me know what you’re up to for Valentines in the comments. I’ll be going to a cosy local restaurant with my partner and ordering a roast dinner, can’t wait!

My new & first ever online course

My new & first ever online course

So, you may have heard me mentioning it over the past month or so, but today I have officially launched my first ever introductory course online. It’s been a massive learning curve for me, but I’ve really enjoyed working on it and I can’t wait for women to take part in it and start loving themselves inside and out!

What’s it all about?

You’re probably wondering what on Earth my course is all about (unless you’ve been reading my recent blog posts) so I’ll break it down for you. This easy to follow course is covered over 5 modules, plus a short introduction video. I cover mindset & confidence, budgeting, decluttering, body, colour and style analysis and trends for 2018. I want women to have a basic understanding of style but not feel overwhelmed with it all.


You may also be asking yourself why I’ve decided to create this course… Simply because I’ve recently heard a lot of women speaking about their body image and how it affects their confidence. I too used to face these same issues, until recently when I discovered a way to deal with it through mindset techniques and ways to dress for my particular body shape, etc. I’ve worked with dressing celebrities and fashion models before, but now it’s time to work with ‘real’ women and make them feel like a celeb!


So, if you’re reading this and would like to take my course for just £29, I’d be thrilled! All you have to do is click this link to enroll-

katherena vegan bags online

If you have any questions at all you can either leave a comment below or send me an message here.

8 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist

8 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist

  1. You’re crazy busy and just have no time whatsoever to think about what to wear or buy for your next event
  2. You have no clue on what the latest trends and colours for the season are
  3. You wouldn’t know what brands are out there for you
  4. You’re not sure what your body shape is
  5. You know your body shape, but don’t know how to dress for it
  6. You’re pregnant, or recently had a baby and have a new body to feel confident in
  7. Speaking of confidence, you lack it, and need help finding it!
  8. You would just LOVE to have a shopping buddy with an honest opinion!

katherena online shop bags vegan

A lot of people see personal stylists as being only available for working with celebrities. It certainly isn’t though! It’s my mission to help you women with all of the reasons above, and have you feeling like a celebrity yourself. After all, you deserve it!

As well as my face to face services, I have created a super easy-to-follow online course that covers a lot of these issues above: from confidence to trends for this spring. The course will be launching next month and I’m super excited to hear people’s thoughts on it. If you have any questions about it please comment below or contact me here.

How to go from Cluttered to Organised in 3 Easy Steps

How to go from Cluttered to Organised in 3 Easy Steps

I’m talking about your wardrobe here, and there are three super simple steps that you can start doing now to make yours lovely and organised!

  1. Take all the empty hangers and put them to one end of your wardrobe (or in a basket underneath to be even more organised), do this any time you take a piece of clothing off it’s hanger and they’ll be ready for when the ironing session commences. Plus, it will look so much neater!
  2. Group your clothing: have your dresses at one end, followed by trousers, then skirts and shorts, and finally shirts on the opposite end. I never put coats or jackets in my wardrobe because they take up so much room, so another tip I want to share is to have an over the door coat hook for them. I couldn’t be without mine!
  3. Whether you have non-hanging items in a chest of drawers or in your wardrobe, keep them in grouped piles like number two. For example- your t-shirts, skirts/shorts and leggings/joggers all neatly piled with the items you wear most on the top.



I recommend doing this every couple of months to keep on top of it, you’ll honestly feel great afterwards though. An organised wardrobe= an organised life, and an organised life= an organised mind.


Katie x