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Back to College

Back to College

This week I went back to college… not to study, but to give a talk to the current fashion students on the course that I was on from 2009-11. It was so strange being back there, as it was the first time in over six years!

I set up a table and split it into 3 sections: one for my old sketchbooks from college and University, one with magazines that I had worked on from my time as a stylist in London, and another with my Katherena products. The students and both of my old (and their current) tutors sat and listened while I spoke about these three times in my life. I explained how I adjusted my work style to suit my strengths, for example I am really bad at drawing and anything arty really, so I started to do my sketchbooks on the computer instead of by hand. This helped my confidence with my work when I was at University.

I also highlighted the importance of gaining experience after finishing college, whether going off to University or looking for a job. My internships got me to where I am today! I wanted the students to understand that the industry is very competitive and without reaching out to people or companies asking for experience, it would be very difficult to go on and get the job they desire. They were probably very shocked to hear of my working hours and pay as a stylist in London as well, but hopefully it was useful to them.

Finally, I spoke about Katherena and the work involved to get it up and running. Again, they were probably quite shocked to hear how long and hard the process was, but I think they all seemed interested. At the end of the session I let them come over and take a look at my old sketchbooks, magazines and the Katherena bags, which was really nice to interact with them and hear their thoughts. I was nervous at the very beginning, but I’m so glad I done it!

college west anglia katherena bags  college west anglia katherena bags

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