Katherena designer vegan bags

Katherena bags are vegan friendly (made from non-animal materials), limited and stylishly designed for all occasions. They are premium products, but have an affordable price tag and catch people’s attention when they are seen on the streets. Don’t you hate seeing so many people wear the same thing? That’s exactly why there is a limited number of each bag made, and any future bags will never be identical.

katherena bags online vegan

Who is Katherena?

Having started out as an assistant fashion stylist in London, Katherine Serena (see what she did there) worked with high profile celebrities across a range of mediums before deciding this lifestyle wasn’t for her. Having moved back home to Norfolk to follow her dream of running her own business, she now works full time on the brand and enjoys learning the day-to-day tasks it incurs.

Ever since her early teens she has wanted a career in fashion. She used to watch The Hills on MTV and would fantasise about working in Vogue’s fashion cupboard. She has also always been inspired by her father’s business- Mossman Trunks, where she got the idea to create the signature Clutch Bag.

Her initial collection of bags consists of rucksacks, holdalls and the signature clutch bags which have been named after streets she has lived on in the past (Regent, Romola and Hollycroft). She covers England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland as well as outside the UK including Europe and the USA.


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