8 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist
8 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist

8 Signs You Need a Personal Stylist

  1. You’re crazy busy and just have no time whatsoever to think about what to wear or buy for your next event
  2. You have no clue on what the latest trends and colours for the season are
  3. You wouldn’t know what brands are out there for you
  4. You’re not sure what your body shape is
  5. You know your body shape, but don’t know how to dress for it
  6. You’re pregnant, or recently had a baby and have a new body to feel confident in
  7. Speaking of confidence, you lack it, and need help finding it!
  8. You would just LOVE to have a shopping buddy with an honest opinion!

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A lot of people see personal stylists as being only available for working with celebrities. It certainly isn’t though! It’s my mission to help you women with all of the reasons above, and have you feeling like a celebrity yourself. After all, you deserve it!

As well as my face to face services, I have created a super easy-to-follow online course that covers a lot of these issues above: from confidence to trends for this spring. The course will be launching next month and I’m super excited to hear people’s thoughts on it. If you have any questions about it please comment below or contact me here.

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