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3 Great Vegan Brands in Britain

Obviously I could sit here and write about how awesome our bags are at Katherena all day long, but I decided to focus this weeks blog post on other vegan brands in Britain. Ones that you might not have heard of. So here we go, my top three British vegan brands at the moment are:

Urban Veda

Someone recommended having this gorgeous skincare brand included in my list, and after some research I realise why. ‘We believe in the value of nature and source natural, fresh, and pure ingredients to create our holistic products’.  As well as using natural ingredients, they also use recycled packaging which I absolutely love! I can’t wait to test some of the products myself this month, the facial oil is going to be the first in my basket 😉

Check them out here- 

Dr. PawPaw

I first heard of this company through someone’s Instagram story yesterday, and I thought I’d have a little look to see what they do. I was instantly drawn in to their over-the-top yellow branding! So Dr. PawPaw is a multi-purpose balm for lips, skin, hair and nails. Which is super useful! They also do a 7-in-1 hair styler designed to save time and money by protecting hair against heat, reducing split ends, adding shine, and more! I’m definitely going to give this one a try as the ends of my hair often get really dry!

british vegan brand

Check out their products here-

Helen Moore

The story behind this luxury faux fur brand is so beautiful and inspiring to me, and I wanted to share it.

‘Helen started the business whilst raising her three children. Today, along with a factory full of inspiring and hardworking women she works with her daughter Hester and daughter-in-law Jessica, both of whom are mums juggling the day-to-day life of working whilst raising children’.

“Throughout my adult life I have had the luxury, and I mean luxury, of being able to work and have a family. Being self-employed has been a huge advantage for me and the nature of my work has changed and grown as the children grew. Of course, it wasn’t perfect, and sometimes a tight deadline would take priority over spending time with the children”.

British vegan brand

Take a look at her website for a wide range of fashion and home accessories-

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