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1 Year In Business…


I cannot believe the year I’ve just had. Finally working for myself and doing what I absolutely love after a year previously of blood, sweat and tears! I’m going to open up to you and share some of my journey up to this point…

First of all though, you should know that I’m not here to brag, and to make it clear I’m not making a ton of money in my business. I’m not even making hundreds of sales yet. But, WOW have I been on a rollercoaster ride this year.

  • I’ve surrounded myself with those who don’t hold me back, and let go of those who do
  • I’ve worked my butt off day in & day out, spending a small fortune on developing new skills
  • I’ve tried so many new and scary things (some worked, others didn’t)

After discovering and being inspired by some amazing female coaches that I can now call my friends, I have decided to branch out into business coaching- as well as running Designed By Katherena of course, because that’s not going anywhere! I’m often asked by people “how did you source your products” or “what website do you use to sell your items”. I enjoy talking to people about these things because it’s what I love and what I am good at.

So, I’m going to start helping people build a business of their own from scratch and getting out of the 9-5 that they’re sick and tired of. I hate hearing people complain about their jobs, to do absolutely nothing about it. I also hate when people tell me how lucky I am to ‘not have a job’. Firstly, it’s not luck, it’s having a dream and going after it. Secondly, it is a job, I’m just employed by my own company and get to set the rules. You should try it! 😉

If you’d like to hear more about my services then please feel free to join my brand new Facebook Group where I’ll be sharing more.

Katie x

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